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Mar 27
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Back in the U.S.A.

27 Sep 2012

We are very excited to be back in the good old US of A for another tour. This time we are going out with The Sheepdogs. So many good times have been had already its always nice to come back for more. America is so unique and has so much good in her. We plan on melting faces and bringing honest rock to aynone willing to listen to some dudes from Belgium (Canada in the case of The Sheepdogs). Thank you to anyone who has already come out to see us or plans on checking out a show (you'll have a good time, come hang). The tour ends with an amazing oppourtunity, we are playing this years Voodoo Music Experience in New Orleans at the end of October. If you plan on attending squeeze us into your schedule!!!! So much good music at that fest, honored to be planying. Check back soon, wish us luck.

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Black Box Revelation Is Dries Van Dijck (Drums & Percussion) and Jan Paternoster (Guitar & Vocals)

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